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Supporting Human Rights for Untouchables (

"Contempt for Buddhism is the root of Untouchability" - B.R. Ambedkar

Caste slavery is widely considered the worst and longest form of oppression mankind has ever known. The greatest ever champion of low-caste Untouchables or Dalits was also the Chief Architect of India's Constitution B.R. Ambedkar -- widely considered India's greatest ever public intellectual who was voted "Greatest ever Indian" by a record number of votes in a CNN-IBN poll. Ambedkar believed that the only way to combat caste terrorism and untouchability was by exploring what led to both -- which was the Buddhist Holocaust - the worst genocide in history - where every Buddhist in India was either killed or converted into an Untouchable slave. Historians believe that Buddhism was the first and only ever State Religion of India and yet was fully eviscerated to the point where not 1 Buddhist and not 1 Buddhist temple was left in existence. We are now working with a team of the world's most credible scholars to explore the Buddhist genocide that birthed caste slavery -- and thus fulfill the most important wish of Dr. Ambedkar. Here are a few articles published on this subject -- but our research will be even more comprehensive and thorough.



From India's most celebrated historian D.N. Jha (head of the Indian History Congress).


From Tenzing Lamsang - Head of Media Association of Bhutan.

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