Zenji Nio has assisted millions of the poorest and most vulnerable members of society and has a track record of social service that started when he was a teen.


"Zenji Nio deserves to be a household name!... And the first Buddhist Prime Minister of a Western nation - Emmy Winning Charles Adler

Zenji Nio has been blessed with rare opportunities in life -- including traveling the world and interacting with the world's leading politicians, CEOs, athletes, faith leaders, academics and more. However, everything in life is transitory -- and true fulfillment does not merely come from materialistic success -- but from making a difference.


Zenji has thus set up a powerful foundation called The Kannon Compassion Initiative and its task is to make a difference by reaching out to the marginalized and forgotten. Its named after the most popular Goddess in Japan called Kannon -- who was worshiped by the Great Samurai warriors and emperors for hearing the cries of all and then answering the prayers of the devoted. 


Here are a few examples of our projects and we look forward to continually expanding our operations and overcoming the odds in reaching out to the helpless all over the world. True success is not defined by how many career milestones you have -- but how many lives you have transformed.



"To be a guard to those who are protectorless, a guide to those who journey on the road, to bring light to those in darkness and aid to those in pain, to be a raft to those who need to cross over and a shield to those who are vulnerable - this is the way of the Bodhisattva". - Buddha.

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