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Panam Buddhist Mission also manages a Sino-Japanese Mahayana Buddhist temple & possibly the largest Buddhist congregation of any Canadian

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The Panam Buddhist Mission manages the Samurai Buddhist Temple for Buddhists of all sects but with an emphasis on Sino-Japanese Buddhism of Japan's Golden Age - led by her greatest rulers - the Tokugawa Clan whose symbol our temple uniquely carries...

Panam Buddhist Mission maintains the Panam Buddhist Temple - also known as the Samurai Buddhist Temple which caters to Buddhists of all sects and traditions but with an emphasis on Sino-Japanese Mahayana Buddhism - which is the largest school of Buddhism both in Canada and worldwide. The Samurai were the greatest patrons and promoters of Buddhism and even today, across Japan, most of the Buddhist temples brandish Samurai emblems and insignia. We are also the only Buddhist temple that can conduct prayer services in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Bengali and Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit -- the original 2000 year old language in which the sutras or scriptures were written. We are blessed to have the largest online congregation of Buddhists reaching tens of thousands -- with some of our teachings even going viral with millions of views in the online Buddhist community. In addition to performing all Buddhist ceremonies, rituals and practices - we also practice Engaged Buddhism where we serve Buddha and exemplify Buddha's wisdom, compassion and heroism by serving the community - especially the most vulnerable and marginalized members of society.

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