With his team at George Washington University in the American Capital

Rehabilitation & Empowerment

The Kannon Compassion Initiative works with at-risk youth and juvenile offenders in the United States with a view to promoting positive role-models that younger adults can emulate. The Buddha makes it clear that reformation is essential and everyone deserves another chance to make things right. Nio has also been offered to serve Women in Prisons in Ontario and others who want to find their way back to normal lives.


Today many young adults look to hiphop artists for inspiration and pursue materialism and the "gangsta" lifestyle in their bid to "look cool". However, Rev. Nio promotes the Samurai prototype as a way to inspire young people to embrace heroism, courage, valour and spiritual discipline along with meditation and self-mastery instead.


The Kannon Compassion Initiative also works with African Americans and people of colour in personal empowerment where they can be proud of their heritage and yet not give in to negative stereotypes. We also support victims of racial discrimination and work with lawyers and law enforcement where possible to help people with programs aimed at reform and rehabilitation