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Prison Chaplaincy

Alongside the Commander of the RCMP -Rev. Nio has served both the RCMP & Ministry of the Solicitor General in using Buddhism to inspire both law enforcement and the incarcerated. 

One of the Buddha's key disciples was Angulimala -- a serial criminal who was reformed by the Buddha. Similarly, the cardinal teaching that everyone -- including criminals -- have "Buddha nature" in them and are children of Buddha -- is sacrosanct. This is why working towards the reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners is an important activity for the Panam Buddhist Mission.  The Buddha makes it clear that everyone deserves another chance to make things right. On behalf of the Panam Buddhist Mission, Rev. Nio has also been chosen to serve in one of Canada's best known prison facilities under the Ministry of the Solicitor General where he is very popular for using Buddhist meditation and motivational techniques to help prisoners regain their footing in society. Rev. Nio has also served on the RCMP Commander's Diversity Council alongside Canada's top national security and law enforcement leaders to bridge the gap between officers in uniform and the community. 

The Panam Buddhist Mission also works with African Americans and BIPOC people of colour who have been victims of racial injustice or police overreach. We also support victims of racial discrimination as well as domestic abuse, and work with lawyers and law enforcement where possible to help people with programs aimed at reform and rehabilitation. In this context, Rev. Nio has conducted advanced workshops in Washington DC towards this important goal thus gaining valuable insights into best practices and was invited to speak on the George Floyd issue as well as alongside a protege of Martin Luther King Jr. and President Obama among other prominent leaders from the minority communities.



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