Japan is the biggest donor to 3rd world nations and has given more aid to India than any other country...

For many people in the world, poverty robs them of their access to health care of santiary conditions or even dignity. Children born into such conditions have no hope and often have to engage in drugs or prostitution to earn a living. We reach out to help victims of suffering from inhumane conditions and try and light a torch of hope to brighten their days.

The Kannon Compassion Initiative of the Samurai Foundation visits the poorest villages in the remote corners of 3rd world countries often in conditions that are considered too extreme for Westerners to enter.


We reach out to victims of extreme poverty and arrange food drives as well as scholarships and health-care for those who simply would not have any other way to find hope. No village is too remote and no slum too filthy for us not to go in for true compassion can only be measured in helping the most marginalized and suffering members of society.