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Buddha commands us to serve the marginalized including Dalits & Untouchables....

Nio is working on historic projects to empower victims of caste oppression and has won praise by various Cabinet Ministers of India close to PM Narendra Modi among others. More information can be found at

Panam Buddhist Mission is dedicated to fighting caste discrimination and standing up for the rights of Dalits and Untouchables of India - the world's most oppressed people. The "greatest Indian", as per a CNN & History TV poll, and the Chief Architect of India's Constitution Dr. Ambedkar said that Buddhism was the only way to emancipate the lower castes enslaved by the Hindu caste system. Rev. Nio is a strong advocate for human rights and is heavily involved in assisting the impoverished members of India's lower castes. Rev. Nio has even lectured on the great Indian reformer Dr. Ambedkar and is committed to engaging the Global Buddhist community to seek social justice and reform in India. The Buddha commands us to treat each and every member of society with dignity and compassion. 


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