With Cabinet Ministers of Prime Minister Modi

The Government of India has certified that Zen Nio is one of the only heirs to the great Pala Lineage of India under which India's Golden Era flourished. Sharing this title with the famed Tagore family, Nio is a bonafide Acharya that goes back over 50 generations and his lineage has received the Gold Medal from the President of India. His family temples have been awarded the highest status as "Heritage Temples of National Importance" by the Government of India and his own family altar has been placed in the National Museum. However, despite hailing from the highest caste, Nio himself does not always use his title of Acharya in order to fight oppression and to empower all those who are victims of the caste system.  Nio has spent time empowering the most oppressed victims of society from all walks of life.


Nio is working on historic projects to empower victims of oppression and has won praise by various Cabinet Ministers of India close to PM Narendra Modi as well as a Special Award from the President of India..