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The Sempo Center will bring together leaders from the worlds of media, arts, politics, sports, entertainment, religion and all walks of life in a common cause against anti-Semitism & bigotry. Talks are in progress with international luminaries and more details will be released soon. In the meantime, you can also visit our sister website 

Tarek Fatah: One of Canada as well as India's most sought-after broadcasters, commentators and pundits, Tarek Fatah's television appearances have been seen by hundreds of millions of fans and he has been praised by many of the world's leading thinkers -- from Harvard professor and Indian statesman Dr. Subramanium Swamy to Dave Rubin, Gad Saad and Sam Harris.  Tarek is also a journalist with the Toronto Sun and has written for several publications including the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and Huffington Post. Tarek also played a key role in nominating Malala Yousafzai for the Nobel Prize as well as in the rescue of Rahaaf Mohammad from the Thai airport after she fled from  Saudi Arabia.  Tarek is an award-winning author whose last book "The Jew is not My Enemy" is very topical -- with a foreward by Bob Rae. 


Dr. Karin Achtelstetter -- The former Spokesperson for the World Council of Churches comprising 500 million Christians worldwide, Karin is the Executive Director of Canadian Lutheran World Relief and a member of the Board for the Augusta Victoria Hospital -- a major landmark in Jerusalem on the sacred Mount of Olives. Karin also serves on the United Nations Interagency Task Force on Religion and Development and has been honored as a Special Goodwill Ambassador for Israel by the Government of Israel.  Karin interacts with diplomats and ambassadors pursuing the 2 State solution and has a unique background in being both a Lutheran Minister as well as part Jewish on her mother's side having pursued Jewish studies in Yiddish. Further, Karin conducted a landmark radio interview with Concentration Camp Prisoner 1 and has served on a  Cannes Film Festival jury.


More information coming soon

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