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Founder Rev. Zenji Nio

Though he keeps a low profile, Rev. Zenji Nio has been praised by many international publications including National Post, Times of India, Hello Magazine, City TV News, BBC, Hindustan Times, Hitavada, Canadian Jewish News and more. 

Zenji Nio organized and led the first Multifaith Commemoration of the Holocaust and also organized and led the first National

Conference on anti-Semitism -- both in association with the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

In addition, Zenji Nio is also the only Westerner invited to speak before millions of Dalits at Deekshabhumi and the biggest ever celebration of India's greatest ever public intellectual and human rights champion Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Zenji Nio has also worked with world leaders in a bipartisan manner -- as well as leaders of all major religions in promoting peace and pluralism.  He has lectured before dozens of Cabinet Ministers and has worked on official projects with the Governments of Canada, Japan, India, Israel and the United States. He has lectured alongside experts from over a dozen prestigious universities including Oxford and Harvard and has helped raise millions for charitable causes. 

Zenji is now working on using independent cinema to bring exposure to important causes and give a voice to the vulnerbale and marginalized. More details will be announced soon. 

An expert in Japanese Buddhism, Nio travels the world promoting peace - when he speaks the world listens - Hitavada
Some Media Reviews:

Zenji's work to combat antisemitism -- inspired by the Righteous Among Nations Samurai Sempo Sugihara:


Article in Toronto Sun by Tarek Fatah of the Toronto Sun:


Interview with famed Canadian commentator of Global News, Emmy-Winner Charles Adler, the son of a Holocaust survivor on Yom HaShoah" :

Toronto City News -- TV Report of the Event


Quotable quotes:

"Should be the first Buddhist Prime Minister of Canada, or any Western nation" - Emmy-Winner Charles Adler, Global News.

The only contemporary expert from the lineage of the Buddha and an eminent international level thinker" - Times of India


"The foremost expert in the world on the original Buddhist traditions of India" - Indian Express


"An authentic voice for the peoples of Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea that still honor the original Mahayana Buddhism founded by his ancient Indian ancestors." - UN Report

"A world-renowned authority who travels the world promoting peace -- when he speaks, the world listens" - Hitavada Newspaper of India.

"In a google search, Zenji will not show up as much as the Dalai Lama. But Zenji is the most effective and endearing speaker on Buddhism and the only one comparable to the Dalai Lama" - Chander Khanna, Spiritual expert, who brought the Parliament of World's Religions to Toronto in 2018.


"Once you hear Zenji speak, you forget about all other Buddhist speakers" - Prof. Hebbar, George Washington University




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