Rev. Zenji Nio is an inspirational speaker and philantropist who has empowered over a million people worldwide and has delivered soaring speeches alongside the world's top professors (including from Universities of Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Berkley, George Washington, Tokyo, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Toronto, Ryerson, Concordia, Wilfred Laurier, Nagpur and Indian Institute of Management) and at the world's premier venues -- from the National Museum of Delhi to the Faith Council that liaisons with the White House. His work has been praised over the years by several Canadian Cabinet Ministers including Federal Ministers of Defence, Finance, Immigration, Citizenship, Multiculturalism and Status of Women as well as Canada's Ambassadors to China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Middle East.  He has also been honored by several Mayors across the GTA on several occasions as well as by high-level leaders of India -- including advisors to Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Manmohan Singh. Zenji is also the spiritual and motivational coach for a record number of Olympic athletes and Para-athletes from all over the world and has been profiled by media giants -- including the BBC, CBC, Olympics Media in assoc with New York Times, Sirius FM, Times of India, National Post, Hello Magazine, Indian Express, Hindustan Times and Hitavada that dubbed him "a world-renowned authority who travels the world -- when he speaks the world listens". Furthermore, Zenji's lifelong track record of social service, ever since he was a child onwards, has been praised by Nobel Laureate Saint Teresa and President of India Abdul Kalam as well as proteges of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, senior advisors to President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as President Barrack Obama. Zenji has also helped raise millions for national and international charities endorsed by the likes of the United Nations, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan among others and was also the only visionary ever chosen from Japan as "one of the world's most inspiring people" by the Neerja Bhanot Foundation.  The Times of India described Zenji as "the only contemporary expert from the lineage of the Buddha" and Nagpur University honored him as "an eminent international-level thinker" inviting him to lecture on the iconic human rights champion B.R. Ambedkar.  Zenji was also cited by a United Nations report for being "an authentic voice for the peoples of Tiger Asia nations including Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea" due to his rare Buddhist expertise -- and he has been especially honored by the Japanese due to his landmark projects in Tokyo. The custodian of historic Asian Art with one of the world's rarest private collections a piece of which is even featured in the National Museum of India, Zenji's Samurai Art Exhibit "Enlightenment" was attended by thousands from across the world as well as the Lt. Governor who also Heads the Royal Ontario Museum and Canada's Minister of Citizenship as well as Indian and Japanese diplomats and a Parliamentary Committee prompting the media to dub it as "the most successful Asian Art Exhibit ever held in Canada". Similarly, his Samurai Museum at North America's biggest ever sporting event the Toronto Panam Games was lauded as "the biggest attraction in the Athlete's Village" by the National Post. Zenji has been invited to speak at City Hall and Queen's Park and has met 4 Canadian Prime Ministers and 2 Lieutenant Governors. His Compassion Foundation works to empowering marginalized members of society -- including victims of child abuse, homelessness, poverty, and oppression. After personally visiting Jerusalem and Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam as well as attending events by the FSWC -- and witnessing Antisemitism being committed against Olympians, Zenji is also working to combat anti-Semitism. For more, visit, www.Panam,guru,  and